The State of Business Blogging in 2011 (Infographic)

It’s good to see that business blogging is on an upward trend. One of the things I’m passionate about here at HandleyNation is the idea that businesses should be blogging more frequently, more consistently, and more appropriately. I say “appropriately” because too many small business owners start out with a focused blog and then slowly veer away from their main theme.


Staying focused in your blog niche is important because it gives your readers something to expect every time they visit your blog. We all like variety, but nobody gets excited when their main source for freelance writing tips starts talking about how well the aloe vera plant is doing in their office.


Now, onto the infographic; a lot of the statistics here are to be expected:


The majority of companies (72%) blog to share expertise rather than to simply bring in new clients. It’s a strategy that works because establishing yourself as an industry expert builds the trust that new clients need to hire you anyway, so it all loops back to the same thing, but in a more stable long-term approach.


Only 19% of blog content is written by freelance blog writers. To me that came as a shock, but I admit I’m biased in that respect. For the most part, blog owners are writing their own content, but you have to keep in mind that these figures take into account “hobbyist” bloggers, the guys that just do it for fun, and not solely business or commercial enterprises. The corporate side only accounts for 21% of all the blogging that’s going on (counting entrepreneurs).


business blogging infographic


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